Each month, Play NC will host a monthly “Play Anytime” tournament to benefit local charities. For $20 per person, plus the standard Greens Fees for any normal round, your group can enter the monthly tournament and compete against other groups that enter during the same month.

At any point during the month, your group can play a Best Ball format, with a few extra twists, and submit an official entry into the monthly tournament. You will turn in your official scorecard to the Pro Shop at the end of the round and all scores will be reported at the end of the month. The winners, runner-ups, and a few random players will receive a nice prize package each month, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit SwingPals and other Play NC charities.

We are currently hosting games at Hillandale Golf Course in Durham, North Carolina, and we will be launching our first tournament in April 2022. We hope you’ll play!


BEST BALL: All Players use their own ball and keep their own score, using standard PGA scoring rules. The lowest TWO (2) Player Scores on each hole will be added together to determine the Team’s Combined Score for that hole. These scores are added together after 18 holes to determine the Team’s Final Score.

Teams will then submit their official scorecard to the Pro Shop at the end of the round. Results and Prizes will be awarded at the start of the following month, with winners being notified by email and prizes collected at the Hillandale Pro Shop.

Each month, your $20 Entry Fee will (roughly) support the following expenses:

  • $10 to Hillandale for the beer, hot dog, admin expenses, and prizes.
  • $5 to SwingPals, a non-profit that builds a foundation of health and strong character in children facing adversity.
  • $5 to Play NC’s “Featured Charity of the Month,” a different local non-profit from Durham, NC that we will rotate each month.


1st Place Each Month Earns:

  • 1 Free Round of Golf, per Player.
  • 1 Free Hotdog and 1 Free Beer, per Player.
  • $30 Credit at Pro Shop, per Player.
  • Team Entry to Annual Winner’s Event.

2nd Place Each Month Earns: 

  • 1 Free Round of Golf, per Player.
  • $10 Credit at Pro Shop, per Player.

1 Random Player Each Month Wins: 

  • 1 Free Round of Golf.

At the end of the season, all winning teams will be invited to an end-of-season tournament with cash prizes!